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Word Whomp To Go

Dig your way to a bigger vocabulary in this hilarious spelling game. Spell three- to six-letter words to help move your gopher friends closer to their yummy veggies. Whomp the little guys into place and watch the scoreboard behind them keep track of the words you've already spelled. Get help from an in-game dictionary and the gophers themselves! How long can you survive without running out of words?
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No worries and thank you for taikng the time. I try to read others post, it just seems like I'm never able and then the screen itself for the reader is split in half and covered in blue so it's more trouble than anything. I wanted to put description for all but ran out of energy ha. My boyfriend showed me Bronson a while back and I thought Hardy's performance was so fantastic! A perfect choice and I like all those movies you might suspect a woman not to enjoy. (cuz I'm so cool and all) The human centipede is one of my favorite movies! I've defended it on so many message boards and told off several people who were being childish or completely absurd on their complaints. Dieter is so great too, he was the reason I started to get so many views at first; he posted my review on his page and it got a lot of shares and notice. Is still actually my most looked at post. So I'm very thankful to his kindness. And Tom Six is an amazing artist, as sick and twisted as his work may turn out and I believe is just misunderstood. The first movie is really nothing in comparison to the second, which was ridicules! You should definitely check out those, I know you'll like the second. And Laurence (from the second) was great to meet, what he put on my poster made me so giddy. I totally nerded out meeting the people involved in those films. I do wish they would go through with the third but respect Dieter's reason for not wanting to.

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